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Dogs Are Family Too!

I can help you improve your dog’s behavior. Contact me for more details.

Dawn Lesch, Dog Trainer

Since 2013, I’ve already helped a lot of dog owners in improving their relationships with their lovable pooches. I conducted obedience classes for service dogs, as well as puppy classes to strengthen the bond between man and dog. I even completed a rigorous 9-month program with honors for my certifications to help create a better community for dogs in Minnesota.

After finishing my studies, I volunteered in the Morrison County Humane Society to provide better homes for dogs. I spent doing this for 2 years, helping the board manage decisions in furthering the betterment of animals in need and eventually becoming the president.

In 2016, I established CD Legacy Dog Training not just to become a full-time dog trainer. I also wanted to provide quality dog boarding services that are comfortable and fun for our furry friends. I have a 15-acre property where dogs can learn how to be the happiest versions of themselves.

With my passion for taking care of animals, I will improve your dog’s behavior through respect and effective positive methods. Visit my facility in Brainerd!


My Mission

To educate people on dog behavior and provide balanced training to ensure the optimal coexistence with pets. I focus on understanding and setting clear, concise goals for both dogs and owners.


My Certifications

  • CGC Evaluator (American Kennel Club)
  • Certified Dog Trainer (Animal Behavior College)
  • Pet Massage Provider (Animal Behavior College)


Coming Soon

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